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Teen Co-Hosts

Each Tuesday Nite @ 7PM (Eastern Standard Time). Now on Get the Teen Picture about ATOD (alcohol Tobacco & Other Drugs...and much much More!

Teen Reports

Reports, Interviews from around the country and world are accepted on our PUSHLINE @ 313-649-PUSH(7874). Follow us on Instagram: to be current on ongoing #topics, #trivia, #reports, and academic credit given to teens who agree to be School Teen Beat Reporters. For more infor, Text your email to 313-649-7874.

Happy 2 B Thug & Drug Free!

If You Need PushBack Power, Tune into our weekly show where youth are allowed to express themselves to the full!  We're Happy To be Thug & Drug Free on STEPS RADIO, Thee Official Push Back Show!

Strong Teens Excelling In Prevention Services:  Our Licensed Substance Abuse Prevention Program is set up for teens 13-17 after school! STEPS serves as a nerve center for substance abuse prevention education in the Metro Detroit Area.  We educate leaders on the Dangers of Alcohol, Tobacco, & Other Drugs and so much more.  For more information call 313-868-1340.

S.T.E.P.S. After School Program
Show Topics

Find Terrific Content, Music, and Topics, which are sure to peak interests of all ages.

Be sure to Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter for Trivia Question hints. at TOPS RADIO, we have something for everyone.

Comments or Suggestions

For Comments or Suggestions, it's best to contact 313-649-PUSH(7874). Or Log On to our Instgram or Twitter Page and shoot us a message. Thee Official Pushback Show is open to suggestions by anyone. Use the above instructions and Keep it Official.

Prevention On  Radio

We are Educating People on the Dangers of Alcohol, Tobacco, & Other Drugs (ATOD). STEPS-RADIO is an arm of services by way of NCADD-GDA, a non-profit agency focused on Substance Abuse Prevention, Treatment, & Recovery.  For contributions, please log on to the above link, so broadcasts may continue.


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